Since the title of the blog is Challenging the Bookworm, and this all started by challenging myself to read 200 books in a year, I figured I’d take advantage of the challenges online and join some of those as well. This page will serve as a launching point if you’re interested to know how I’m doing or how I’ve done in year’s past.

Challenges/Goals for 2010:
Read 200 Books in one year: Read/Listened to 125 Books, blogged 117 (overall spread is better than last year)
National Just Read More Novels Month: 13 books blogged in January (better than last year)
Book Around the States: Even worse than last year, I was able to identify 10 states. In my defense, I really don’t pay attention to the state unless it has significance to the plot.
Newbery Challenge: Only One! Darn committee work. I’ll have a better chance this year.
The Color Challenge: I got about halfway on this one, with 5 colors instead of nine.
Harry Potter Reading Challenge: Epic fail. Although I did reread a good amont of book seven after I saw the movie, I didn’t read the whole thing and I didn’t blog about it. Better luck next year before the last movie?
What’s in a Name: SUCCESS!! (Finally!)
Countdown Challenge: Mixed success. Definitely finished 2010 (I stopped filling them in there were so many).

Challenges for 2009
Read 200 Books in one year: Read 153, blogged only 139
Read a book that starts with each letter in your name: Success!
Read 12 Young Adult Novels: Success!
Listen to 12 Audiobooks: Success!
100+ Books Challenge: Success!
Read a Book that takes place in each of the 50 states: Not so much… I was able to identify 16 states. Really need to pay more attention to that this year.
National Just Read More Novels Month: 11 books in one month
Pages Read Challenge: I said 50,000 based on my 200 books goal, and got about half way there.
What’s in a Name Challenge: Success!
The 999 Challenge: Mixed Success… definitely need to read more nonfiction this year.