Edited: July 21, 2012

I have recently accepted a position as the Head of Children’s and Young Adult Services. Previously, I simultaneously worked two part-time jobs as a librarian at two different public libraries (yes, two jobs, two different libraries, at the same time). I’m excited to see what this new career move brings.

I’ve planned weekly story times and special programming and conducted reader’s advisory. I graduated in May 2009 with my MLIS, making me a full-fledged certified librarian with a masters degree in library and information science with a specialization in public services for children and young adults.

If you’d like to contact me, offering either criticism, compliments, or advanced/review copies of books, please e-mail me at bookblogger22 AT yahoo DOT com. I do accept review requests, but I limit the number of e-books because I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen already and like to give my eyes something new to focus on when reading for pleasure. All books on my blog are checked out of my library unless otherwise specified. I do not receive compensation for my reviews or other blog content unless otherwise specified. All opinions expressed here are my own, and they do not reflect the feelings of my coworkers, employer, or any person or organization who I might be affiliated with.

What do I gain from starting this blog?:

  • I gain experience working on the World Wide Web and designing and editing a website.
  • I gain a place to post my reviews, reflections, and reactions to books I’ve read, rather than bothering my friends and family with stories of plots and characters.
  • I gain a record of books that I’ve read that I can refer back to when suggesting books for patrons.
  • I gain a reason to read outside of my regular genre and expand my experience with other types of books.

My reviews will include title and author obviously, but also ISBN numbers, publisher and publication date, and also how many pages is each book. The reason behind the page numbers is because I hope to add tags for page allotments, to help people who are looking for books to satisfy certain criteria, like at least 150 pages long. (We all remember those school book report days, right?)

In the future:
As the blog grows, I hope to add reading lists, along with challenges of my own. I’m excited about the possibilities of this blog growing.