Monster Needs a PartyTitle: Monster Needs a Party
Author: Paul Czajak
Illustrator: Wendy Grieb
ISBN: 9781938063558
Pages: unpaged
Publisher/Date: Mighty Media Kids, an imprint of Mighty Media Press, a division of Mighty Media, Inc., c2015

Monster needs a party since another year has passed.
He skipped and roared around the house, “My birthday’s here AT LAST!”

Monster is so excited for his pirate themed birthday, but then he learns that no one can come. Facing a kid’s worst nightmare, the kid who cares for Monster takes him to a pirate amusement park instead, where they have fun riding the rides and playing the carnival games, coming home to one final surprise. I’ll admit that the pictures make me question the dynamics of the world as the boy is the only one in the entire park with a monster in tow instead of a parent. We see adults at the Pirate Land as parents and employees, so where are they in the lives of Monster and his boy? Besides this detail, the story is a rollicking ride, and the rhymes flow well. The pictures are filled with bright bold colors, and author and illustrator both got quite clever with the details of Pirate Land. Pirates and monsters together merge two popular concepts together, although if there’s an upcoming birthday boy or girl in the audience they may think their next party is going to end up just like Monster’s did.