With the leaves changing color with the change in the weather, this might be the perfect opportunity to curl up under the covers or snuggle into a sweatshirt and check out some new picture books. I put together this list last year for a local preschool group, and I thought I’d republish it here. Pick up some of these books (both scary and not so scary) to share with your little ones after trick or treating.

Black Dog Title: Black Dog
Author: Levi Pinfold
ISBN: 9780763660970
Pagse: unpaged
Publisher/Date: Templar, c2012
This frightful story book features a dog that continues to grow in size outside a family’s house, until the youngest child confronts the dog and shrinks it down to size with her bravery.

Nighty Night Little Green MonsterTitle: Nighty Night, Little Green Monster
Author: Ed Emberley
ISBN: 9780316210416
Pages: unpaged
Publisher/Date: LB Kids, c2013.
Looking for something a little sweeter? An old favorite getting an update is Ed Emberley’s green monster, now allowing your child to say Nighty Nighty, Little Green Monster when they are being put to bed.

Five Little Monkeys Trick-or-Treat
Title: Five Little Monkeys Trick-or-Treat
Author: Eileen Christelow
ISBN: 9780547858937
Pages: unpaged
Publisher/Date: Clarion Books, c2013
Those mischievous monkeys are back again in, switching costumes with friends without telling their baby-sitter. The trick might be on the monkeys though if they miss out on the treat at home because of their monkey business.

Matilda and Hans




Title: Matilda and Hans
Author: Yokococo
ISBN: 9780763664343
Pages: unpaged
Publisher/Date: Templar, c2013
Another, newer character who is taking advantage of confusing costumes, Hans is always getting into trouble. When Matilda turns him in, the police uncover a surprise behind that mask.

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow




Title: How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow?
Author: Wendell Minor
ISBN: 9780399246845
Pages: unpaged
Publisher/Date: Nancy Paulsen Books, c2013.
If you are looking for a more seasonally themed story for your older children, Wendell Minor takes a look at giant pumpkins and uses that as a jumping off point to talk about mighty monuments around the nation in this unique way to learn about geography.