I recognize that I’ve been sporadically absent from the blog scene for a while. And while I’m constantly comparing the children’s department during summer reading as Santa’s workshop between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when all the elves are under the age of ten, that’s not the only reason for my absence.

Moving to a different state is hard. Doing it by yourself is even harder. I used to think that people who did that were slightly crazy. Picking up everything you own and moving it to a place where you know no one and nothing. While the language is still English (thank goodness!) there are so many things that you have to get used to, like habits and highways, politics and professional sports, and the distance now between you and all your friends and family.

This past week, I hit the one year anniversary of accepting a full time job outside the state where I was born and raised. I can confirm that you do indeed need to be a little bit crazy. But in a “boom boom ain’t it great to be” kind of way. Things will not go as planned, the transition will not be as smooth as you anticipated, and you will hit some speed bumps. In my case, the first one was a dead car battery within a week of starting the job!

And that’s not to say that I’m done hitting speed bumps. I’m sure there are more to come down the road. But the reason I took the leap was opportunity, possibility, and a chance at a fresh start. And maybe your reasons for taking your most recent directional change are different from mine. But I’ve found that things are easier when I stop asking what if and start asking what next.

So what is next for me and my blog? I have some ideas. But really, who knows? However, I do intend to find the fun again, both in blogging and in “real life”. What changes this next chapter in my life brings is anyone’s guess, but I hope you stick around to find out and I hope no one is disappointed.