A Big Guy Took My BallTitle: A Big Guy Took My Ball!
Series: Elephant and Piggie
Author/Illustrator: Mo Willems
ISBN: 9781423174912
Pages: 57 pages
Publisher/Date: Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney Book Group, c2013.

Full disclosure here: I LOVE Elephant and Piggie. Willems writes them on the kids’ level, whether it’s naming the characters the species they are, the humor, or the spot-on facial expressions that convey everything that the characters are feeling without the use of a single word. Even the language, simplified and repetitive, but not dumbed-down, is just right for reading aloud by either adults or children. If you aren’t familiar with the Elephant and Piggie series, what is wrong with you and where have you been for the last years?

In the newest installment, Piggie discovers a big ball, which is promptly taken by a big guy. Sharing his story with Elephant upsets his friend. Indignant to think that his friend Piggie is getting picked on while still recognizing that he is a “big guy” too, Elephant heads out to confront this “big guy” and retrieve the ball. He returns to Piggie unsuccessful, telling Piggie “You did not say how big he was.” (30) But when all three finally come together, they all learn a lesson in perspective, sharing, and friendship. While the ending is syrupy sweet and could have been handled a little less obviously, it’s still a great story. And if you’re wondering “Where is the pigeon?” who appears in Willem’s books, don’t forget to check out the back jacket artwork!