This post got a little delayed because of the storm, so it’s a Wednesday shout out. Oh well.

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I knew that November was National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo or just simply NaNo. Since 1999, the founders have been encouraging others to spend the month of November collecting their thoughts and putting them to paper in an effort to complete a push for 50,000 words towards their novel. You can still sign up if you haven’t already. I’ve signed up for three years in a row and have only successfully written… about two thousand words. Total. Yes, I’m horrible at this game, I’ll admit it. But they have a very pretty Facebook cover photo that you can download and use to spread the word that you’re participating in NaNo, although I kind of wish they’d spelled out for the uninitiated. And possibly included a website. But it’s still pretty and I digress.




I also just found out (just in time to participate) that there’s a movement to make November Picture Book Month!

Started just last year after that New York Times article “Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children” went viral, it’s become an international movement with press coverage ranging from School Library Journal to Oprah. They even have a calendar encouraging a variety of themes, authors and illustrators to expand your exposure and mind. And every day they’ll feature on their website a message from a person with connections to picture books, including some of my favorites and some I recognize like Kathi Appelt, Doreen Cronin, Kelly DiPucchio, Tony DiTerlizzi, Brett Helquist, E.B. Lewis, Chris Raschka, Adam Rex, Peter Reynolds, Jon Scieszka, Karma Wilson, and Paul O. Zelinsky. I’m going to try my best to play along, but finding out about this late in the game might mean some blips in the daily dose of picture books. We’ll see how it goes.

What else is going on in the month of November?
Thanksgiving of course! This American tradition and national holiday is the perfect time to become a bird brain about books. Pilgrims, Native Americans, food in general, farm animals like turkeys, it’s all applicable when learning about Thanksgiving.

Pizza Hut is sponsoring National Young Readers Week this year November 12 through November 16 with an assortment of challenges and prizes. Founded in 1989, it encourages schools to organize guest readers to visit children and spend time reading aloud to them and serving as an example that reading can be fun and enjoyable. I know quite a few teachers who do this at other times during the year, like Children’s Book Week or during the last week of classes to promote summer reading. But they do have a very nicely put together teacher’s kit that has everything set up for you, down to the name tags and thank you cards, so if you’re strapped for time you might want to take a look.

And finally, the United States celebrates Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11th. I know quite a few libraries (including mine) who have invited a veteran to visit and share their experiences. What I’d like to do one year is pair up some teens and interview veterans about their experiences, and film/record their accounts to post on the library’s website or include in the Historical Society’s collection. I’d also love to organize a panel discussion, where veterans from different wars could discuss the differences between the wars in terms of serving, communicating with their families, and their experiences. *Sigh* maybe next year, when I’ve been here longer.

What are you doing this November? Are you celebrating any “fun or silly holidays” at your library?