I haven’t done a Sunday Shout Out series in quite some time, so I thought I’d revive this series of posts. Sunday Shout Out was created to remind/encourage me to provide links to news stories, blog posts, and other things that I think are interesting and noteworthy. If you’re interested in participating or being featured in my next Sunday Shout Out, just drop me an e-mail. Do you have some news or links to share? Feel free to link to your own Sunday Shout Outs in the comments.

Librarians, have you seen this Pearle Vision commercial? It shows a young woman with glasses with her hair up, presumably in a bun, looking straight at the screen. She starts a monologue about how someone’s library books are overdue, and they owe $97 in fines. “What,” she goes on to say, “You don’t have $97.” At this point she pulls out her hair and flings it around her face “Well, what are we going to do about that?” The screen then zooms out and we see she’s actually shopping for glasses, with two salespeople on either side looking at her reflection in the mirror with her with their jaws dropping.

So I guess my poll for this Sunday Shout Out is: funny, or not?
Edit: I tried several times to get the poll feature to work, but it apparently doesn’t want to, so you’ll just have to leave your opinion in the comments.