This Friday Feature post continues my process of posting all the questions that I developed for a set of book discussions based on the Harry Potter book series. Today, I’m featuring Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth book in the series.

Did you miss the set of discussion questions for the previous books? Then follow the links to the desired book:

I was very careful when drafting these questions to avoid going into too much detail about the horcruxes, since some of them are left for the seventh book and readers still have questions at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

1. Dumbledore describes Horace Slughorn as someone who “likes the company of the famous, the successful, and the powerful. He enjoys the feeling that he influences these people. He has never wanted to occupy the throne himself; he prefers the backseat – more room to spread out, you see.” (74-75)

  • How does his attitude towards fame compare and contrast to Harry’s and Professor Lockhart’s attitude?
  • What do you think J.K. Rowling is trying to say about fame when she portrays it in these different ways?
  • Why does Slughorn want to surround himself with wizards he thinks will become famous, and what does he stand to gain from these relationships?

2. Why do Ginny, Hermione, and Mrs. Weasley dislike Fleur? Do their opinions of her change by the end of this book?

3. Luna tells Harry that she enjoyed the D.A. meetings because “It was like having friends.” (138) Do you think Luna is lonely? Do you think she acts the way she does on purpose? Why or why not? Would you want Luna as a friend?

4. Is Dumbledore right when he says that since he’s “rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly hunger.” (195) Do you think that applies to everyone? Are there other attributes besides cleverness that could affect the ramifications of a mistake?

5. Should Ron have become the Keeper for Gryffindorf? Should Hermione have cast a spell on McLaggen, the other person trying out for the Keeper position? Was Harry right in tricking Ron into thinking that he’d drank the lucky potion?

6. Dumbledore keeps putting off answering Harry’s questions about his whereabouts. Do you think he should have told Harry sooner? What did you think about Dumbledore inviting Harry along on his missions and searches for the Horcruxes?

7. Dumbledore asks Harry if he feels sorry for Voldemort. Do you feel sorry, or at least differently, about Voldemort after hearing about his upbringing? If you were Harry, would you admit it if you did feel sorry?

8. We see a lot more romance in this book that in previous books. Tonks and Lupin at the end of the book, Bill and Fleur are engaged, Hermione asks Ron to be her guest at the Slug Club party but then takes someone else to make him mad, and Harry finally kisses Ginny. Was Ron a coward for not making the first move? When did you suspect Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny might have liked each other? Did you ever think Harry and Hermione would end up together? Was Harry right in worrying about their friendship?

9. Should they have closed Hogwarts? Would you have wanted to attend Hogwarts with everything that was going on during that time?

10. Dumbledore asks Harry “If Voldemort had never heard of the prophecy, would it have been fulfilled? Would it have meant anything? […] Do you think every prophecy in the Hall of Prophecy has been fulfilled? […] The prophecy does not mean you have to do anything.” (510-512) How would you respond to these questions? Do you think the prophecy predetermined Harry’s and Voldemort’s actions?

11. Were you surprised that J.K. Rowling killed Dumbledore? Were you surprised Snape was the one that killed him? Were you surprised that Harry’s suspicions against Snape and Malfoy finally proved right? Should Harry have kept the good luck potion for himself? Discuss.