Title: Wings
Author: Aprilynne Pike
ISBN: 9780061668050
Pages: 294
Publisher/Date: HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins, c2009.

Her fingers walked over her shoulder and her eyes flew open wide. She bit off a shriek as her other hand joined the first, trying to confirm what she was feeling.
The bump was gone. But something else had replaced it. Something long and cool.
And much bigger than the bump had been. (44-45)

Laurel has just moved to a new house and started at a public high school after years of homeschooling by her adoptive parents. She’s trying to fit in, but her homeschooling history, vegetarian eating habits and unusual dress and looks are making it difficult. Laurel realizes that she had it easy though when what she thought was a zit on her back turns into wings in the shape of flower petals. Enlisting the help of biology classmate David, Laurel realizes that there is a reason for her differences, and not only her family but also an entire race might be relying on her to keep them safe.

Laurel’s character is I think what brought the story to life for me. She’s catapulted into this live triangle with David and Tamani. She has different reasons for being with each guy. David becomes her first friend and the guy who doesn’t freak out when the plot starts to take a turn for the worst. Tamani knows her past, and is able to educate her in things that she can’t learn from anyone else. With both guys, she struggles to determine whether or not her feelings are more than just gratitude for their different forms of assistance and support. Personally, I’m cheering for David.

Aside from her relationships, Laurel also acts realistically when encountered with new situations, whether it’s public school or the wings on her back. I was thrilled that she gets the chance to “flaunt them if you’ve got them” at the Halloween Dance, because if you had wings you’d want to show off too. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t. It’s also refreshing to find loving parents in teen fiction, as Laurel’s mother and father, however briefly they appear in the book, seem like pretty supportive. Her mother even offers to resume homeschooling Laurel if she still hates it after trying it for a few months.

There is a sequel, called Spells and a third book titled Illusions (apparently called Wild on UK Amazon) if readers want to continue the story. If you’d like more information about the author, the series, or the upcoming fourth and final book, check out her website: http://www.aprilynnepike.com/