I had some…. issues with my Internet, so this is a little delayed. My apologies!
It’s Dance Like a Chicken Day! Here are the top three songs I think of when I’m told to Dance Like a Chicken!

1. Probably my favorite on the list for young children, I have just recently discovered I Know a Chicken by the Laurie Berkner Band, and have used it several times with my toddler story time. They absolutely LOVE it, and the call and response lyrics are so simple that I had parents singing along, which is extremely rare with my group unless they’re regulars. The song is featured on the first three minutes of this video, which includes other songs by the band. What works with my little ones is if you jump up and down while shaking fast. That really tuckers them out, to the point where an older sibling turned to her mother after the song was over and complained “Mommy, I’m HOT!” My response: “I am too, so let’s cool down with another story.”
I Know a Chicken by the Laurie Berkner Band

2. Some of you might remember Shake Your Tail Feather by the Blues Brothers, but others might just as easily remember the remake by the Cheetah Girls for the Chicken Little movie. I’ve included both because personally I like the Blues Brothers version just a smidge better, but obviously kids would probably like the Cheetah Girls version better. The only version my library has is on the CD Salsa, Soul & Swing: Dances for Kids.
Shake Your Tail Feathers by the Blues Brothers

Shake Your Tail Feather by the Cheetah Girls

3. This next video is NOT for the little chicks, it’s mainly for those old hens out there who need a good laugh. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature this video.
Brown Chicken Brown Cow by Trace Adkins