I have just finished my first book for the 24-hour Read-a-thon and it was…..

The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi. Although it says on the back cover that it was “Inspired by stories by the likes of the Brothers Grimm, James M. Barrie, and L. Frank Baum”, I found myself comparing it to Star Wars more than anything else. I’ll explain in my review post of it, which I probably won’t get done until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am officially, unofficially declaring tomorrow “CATCH UP DAY!” Paint the town red (Ketchup=Catch up) and do all the stuff you were supposed to do today. For me, it will be blogging all the books that I have so woefully fell behind in blogging. Don’t believe me? Here’s the picture to prove it:

And if you think that’s bad, in honor of the hour 5 challenge (which I didn’t do on time because I wanted to finish a book) here’s a picture of the books that are waiting for me. The three stacks on the left are ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) from ALA, and the two stacks on the right are ones from the library. And I’m pretty sure I have more ARCs in my bedroom. My mom is pretty good about not yelling at me about stacks of books, as long as I keep them centralized. You’ll notice they’re all stacked under the table that serves as my “desk” since the internet got moved to the basement.

While they’re certainly not “out of sight out of mind”, it being a glass table and all, I think it bears a striking resemblence to another desk made out of books, don’t you think?

And now that I’ve given everyone something to look at, on to more reading! And actually, I probably will end up taking a break and going to see Mem Fox speak in a couple hours, because she lives in AUSTRALIA and when am I ever going to get the chance to see her again?

Oh, and if anyone is interested in my multitude of ARCs that I seem to have accumulated, please feel free to drop me a line. I’m willing to spread the love and share the wealth.