Something new for this week! I’m participating for the first time in Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

The BBAW Content Development Team is proud to announce our theme for 2010: A Treasure Chest of Infinite Books and Infinite Blogs. You’ll probably be stuffing your google reader with the new blogs you discover next week and piling onto your bookshelves with all the great books we’ll be talking about!

Monday—First Treasure
We invite you to share with us about a great new book blog you’ve discovered since BBAW last year! If you are new to BBAW or book blogging, share with us the very first book blog you discovered. Tell us why this blog rocks your socks off and why you keep going back for more.

I’m going to do my own thing here and bring you not only my first but also most recent blog finds.

The first blog that I discovered, and that really encouraged me to blog was The YA YA YAs. If you haven’t heard of these three ladies, you really need to. Their blog design was what convinced me to use WordPress, because what’s good enough for The YA YA YAs to use has to be good enough for unworthy me to use. Although infrequent in their posts, this group of young adult librarians provide in-depth reviews that put most of my posts to shame. They also aren’t afraid to speak their mind, whether it’s regarding covers being white-washed or librarians behaving badly. They’re also the ones that opened my eyes regarding cover design.

One of the more recent bloggers I’ve found is Madigan Reads. I met Madigan McGillicuddy at the ALA Conference in D.C. this past June (which I still haven’t blogged about… opps!). We met up for dinner after the booktrailers program, and I’ve been following her ever since. Can I just say that I love her name, and if I ever wrote a book her name would have to make an appearance. Her blog does not just contain book reviews, but also features anything with a literary theme, like this book jewelry or the book art posters. I wish I could work with her, because she seems like a really cool cat.

And one last shout out to Beth, who was the very first person (that I’m aware of at least) to feature my blog on her blog roll. So thanks Beth, for your vote of confidence in me, and I hope I’m fulfilling your expectations!