Title: Audrey, Wait!
Author: Robin Benway
ISBN: 9781595141910
Pages: 313 pages
Publisher/Date: Razorbill, c2008.

No one told me that my life was about to change, though. They didn’t tell me about paparazzi and magazine editors and publicists and the lawyer my parents would have to hire. They certainly didn’t tell me that all of you people would know my name by the end of the year.
And that’s all you really know: my name.
But not anymore, kiddos.
Here’s my side of the story. (19)

Audrey Cutler breaks up with her boyfriend, and immediately (as in, that very night) becomes the subject of his band’s one-hit wonder song “Audrey, Wait!” Not only does she feel that Evan (said ex-boyfriend) is distorting their relationship to the media, she is being followed by paparazzi, begged for an autograph, and quickly loosing all privacy. Her parents are shocked at the resulting melee, her best friend is encouraging her to take advantage of the sudden interest in how she wears her clothes, and there is budding love interest from the boy she scoops ice cream with (which hopefully won’t get her fired). What’s a girl to do when her private life becomes very public? Fight back!

I love the concept of this book. Isn’t everyone always imagining how great it would be to have a song written after you? But what if it’s not to your liking, or you’re no longer to the singers liking? That’s what Benway addresses in this wickedly funny novel. Audrey wants nothing to do with her new-found notarity as the ex-girlfriend of the lead singer (Evan)ย of a previously unknown band. I was somewhat surprised at her friend Veronica’s Victoria’s insistent in capitalizing on this new found fame. You’d think that a friend who had known Audrey for as long as she has would realize that Audrey has absolutely no interest in taking advantage of the situation. That’s the one point in the story that sits funny with me. After a fight with Veronica Victoria, Audrey ends up apologizing to Veronica Victoria, and although Audrey was having a big pity party, really I think Veronica was the one who owed Audrey an apology.

Besides that though, I thought that Audrey’s budding romance with a classmate/coworker is very sweetly and innocently portrayed. I felt that Audrey acted realistically and very maturely when placed in some difficult situations. Her parents’ as well acted with trepidation upon first hearing about the song and then with authority as they tried to safeguard their daughter from the paparazzi and prevent her from being taken advantage of. A well written novel with obvious teen appeal.