Title: Storm Warning
Series: 39 Clues
Author: Linda Sue Park
ISBN: 9780545090674
Pages: 190 pages
Publisher/Date: Scholastic, c2010.
Release Date: May 25, 2010

While he waited, Dan checked his phone messages. He frowned as he listened. “Hamilton called,” he said to Amy after he closed the phone.
“What did he want?”
Dan shook his head. “The signal was terrible, he kept cutting in and out. But”–he looked around suspiciously–“somehow his dad already knew where we were going.”
Amy gasped. “How is that possible? We didn’t even know where we were going until, like, five minutes ago! And the only other person–” She stopped, her eyes wide.
“While she was in the bathroom!” Dan exclaimed.
Together they turned and stared at Nellie’s back as she stood at the ticket counter. (6)

Dan and Amy Cahill have had their suspicions about Nellie’s loyalty for a while, and they finally confront her on their way to the Bahamas. Retracing the life of female pirate Ann Bonny, Dan and Amy discover another long-time friend of Grandmother Grace’s who sets out to help them. But the Kabras are right behind them, and Dan and Amy set out to trap them once and for all. It has disastrous results, and ends in a death by quick sand. They’re not the only ones interested in confronting the Cahills, as the man in black is quickly gaining, and he has the most revealing information yet.

The book’s revelations quickly pile up in the closing chapters, with the man in black spilling most of the secrets. Dan and Amy learn quite a few more clues from another character, but readers don’t get to be privy to these. Maybe by the end of the series everything will be revealed? The death of a minor character seems to be glossed over a little, because it reads very dramatically and obviously affects Dan and Amy. They are somewhat triumphant over the Kabras, although with limited success, but I like the fact that they at least try to fight back this time instead of passively running away from their pursuers. There is also the added intrigue of icons based on the four branches, which Amy and Dan have to find.

I always like it when the books in this series provide enough information for the readers to figure out the clues. And the fact that Hamilton Holt and Dan are still working with each other gives me hope that maybe this family isn’t as messed up as we once thought. Natalie Kabra also gets more background information, which is refreshing since we learned so much about Ian earlier in the series, and she appears more conflicted and complicated than originally portrayed. I did sort of miss Alistair and Jonas, who did not appear at all in this book. One has to wonder what they’re doing during this stage of the hunt.