Title: Robot Dreams
Author: Sara Varon
ISBN: 9781596431089
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher/Date: First Second, c2007.

In this wordless graphic novel, Sara Varon tells the story of a dog who builds a robot friend. They enjoy each other’s company, until one fateful day when they go swimming at the beach. The robot encounters water damage, and the dog leaves him behind. Upon returning the next day, the dog is barred from entering the beach with barbed wire, and both friends must cope with the loss.

I was shocked at how intricate and involved the plot is of this wordless graphic novel. I know I keep stressing the fact that it’s wordless, but it’s amazing that all these feelings and emotions could be conveyed without uttering a single word. Obviously a picture is worth a thousand words. You can take a look at the first “chapter” online along with some other previews of different sections. and you get and idea, but the real content begins when the robot dreams about what he could do if he wasn’t stuck on the beach and the two characters try to work out their feelings. If I knew I wouldn’t get sued for copywrite enfringement, I would scan some samples, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. The robot dreams are delineated from reality by the wavy panel lines, but reality is just as comically sad. The bittersweet story ends with both main characters finding new friends, but they still remember what they had together, which is a great message for teens and tweens struggling with a changing friendship. I will definitely have to see what else of this nature is available. I’ll admit, I was one of those skeptics about graphic novels, but the quality of what I’ve been reading is quickly changing my opinion. Definitely enough meat for a worthy book discussion.