Title: Oggie Cooder: Party Animal
Author: Sarah Weeks
Illustrator: Doug Holgate
ISBN: 9780439927925
Pages: 165 pages
Publisher/Date: Scholastic Press, c2009.

“You’re joking, right?” said Hannah. “You didn’t really invite Oggie Cooder to your party, did you?”
Donnica reached into her pocket and pulled out her pink lip gloss.
“I invited him,” she said, pausing for a minute to slowly run the shiny gloss over her lips. “But trust me, he’s not going to come.” (26)

Oggie Cooder can’t believe his good luck when Donnica Perfecto finally invites him to her pool party. Donnica can’t believe her bad luck when she’s forced to invite Oggie Cooder to her pool party by her mother. It’s especially unfortunate when Donnica finds out that her local smash hit band is being replaced by the juggling Bumbles the Bear. Donnica has an idea to keep Oggie and Bumbles away from the party, though she might live to regret it when she finds out what Oggie is trying to get for her birthday gift.

This is a cute, fast paced book that will delight the upper elementary students. Anyone who liked Oggie Cooder before will love Oggie Cooder in this newest novel by Sarah Weeks. The novel deals with peer pressure, cliques, and personal quirks in a way that makes everyone triumphant, especially Oggie. It introduces some poetry (haiku) in a unique way, and actually has a little bit of forshadowing and guess work in the novel:

If only Oggie had opened the lif of the red trunk instead of sitting down on it, everything might have been different. […] Oggie followed Dylan into the house, leaving the red trunk and its very interesting contents behind.(53-54)

But alas, he does not, and we’re left to wonder, until Oggie Cooder finds out himself, what is inside the red trunk. And it’s great age-appropriate suspense for the kids, who can wonder not only what is going to happen with the trunk but also what is going to happen to Oggie once he arrives at the party.