Title: Sylvie
Author and Illustrator: Jennifer Sattler
ISBN: 9780375957086
Pages: Unnumbered.
Publisher/Date: Random House, c2009.

Sylvie is a flamingo who realizes that although all flamingos are pink, there are lots of different colors and patterns on the beach. After her mother explains to her that flamingos are pink because of the shrimp they eat, Sylvie begins to explore and experiment with not only grapes and leaves but also the striped towel and the patterned swimsuit of a sunbather. Her feathers change colors to match whatever she’s eaten. After her buffet of flavors and colors though, her stomach doesn’t feel well and her appearance isn’t much better. Then end has Sylvie back her traditional shade of pink, with one noteworthy exception.

This book by Jennifer Sattler is a cute and fun read, that I’m sure will delight story time audiences. The expressions and body language are priceless, ranging from curiousity to elation to saddness and back again, and the watercolor backgrounds make the flamingo literally pop out of the page. I showed the book to a collegue of mine, and he smiled just looking at the cover. More astute or advanced readers can return to the beginning of the book and locate all the items that Sylvie sampled throughout the story. Kindergarten connections could pick an item and then paint what Sylvie would like after eating it. I’m recommending it for use in our summer reading program, which is using the theme “Make a Splash-Read” this summer.