Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You NotesTitle: Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You Notes
Author: Peggy Gifford
ISBN: 9780375842702
Pages: 160 pages
Publisher/Date: Schwartz & Wade Books, c2008.

Numbers 1 through 12 on Moxy’s List of 13 Things to Do Before Tomorrow were to write twelve thank-you notes. Last year she hadn’t finished writing the thank-you notes for her Christmas presents until the day before Easter. This year, she promised her mother, they’d all be finished by the day after Christmas. And today was the day after Christmas. (3)

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Writing Thank-You Notes. Fans of Peggy Gifford’s first book starring the procrastinating 10-year-old will not be disappointed by this sequel. Moxy’s mom has said that if she doesn’t finish writing her thank you notes TODAY, she won’t be allowed to visit her father in fabulous Hollywood, who she hasn’t seen for almost three years. In an effort to speed things up, she decides to use her stepdad’s new copier. With her twin brother Mark documenting the procedure with his camera, nothing goes as planned. Especially when Moxy’s mom and stepdad arrive home.

While I’m still a little partial to the first book in the series, I think fans will still find plenty to laugh about. For instance, when Mark, Moxy, five year old sister Pansy, and six year old neighbor Sam try to work the copier.

Sam punched “12” into the copier. But the number didn’t show up in the little box. So he pressed “12” again. Nothing. Once more, he pressed “12,” and just as he did, he noticed he’d been loking for the “12” in the wrong little box. The right little box said “121,212.”
At that exact moment, Pansy pushed the big red Start button.

Having read the previous book, the action was somewhat predictable, but the ending was not. The ending was what brought it back home, and allowed readers to sympathize with Moxy and Max. The handling of the split family situation is well-done and incorporated nicely. While not one of my top ten, some reluctant readers might enjoy the quick read.