Title: Korgi Book One: Sprouting Wings
ISBN: 9781891830907
Pages: 82 pages
Title: Korgi Book Two: The Cosmic Collector
ISBN: 9781603090100
Pages: 84 pages
Author/Illustrator: Christian Slade
Publisher/Date: Top Shelf Productions, c2007. c2008.

Korgi Book OneKorgi Book Two
















I’m blogging both of these books as one entry because they are so short, and yet so stylishly designed. Christian Slade’s pencil drawings are amazing, with close examination yielding the fact that his shading is done with closely drawn lines and cross-hatching. The girl Ivy and the dog Sprout are so expressive in their actions and faces, that it’s understandable why words aren’t necessary to convey their stories. Slade got his practice while being a Disney animator, and it shows to the full effect in the books. In the first book, subtitled Sprouting Wings in the interior pages, readers are introduced to the residents of Korgi Hollow, including Sprout the corgi dog and Ivy, who is a Mollie (a tiny person living in peaceful coexistence with the dogs). However, strange visitors appear and threaten their peaceful lives. Readers will be surprised and delighted by the outcome, as Sprout and Ivy fight the intruders in a most unexpected manner. In the second book, another otherworldly visitor is stealing valuables from the Mollies (I won’t say what because it’s part of the surprise in the first book). Ivy and Sprout get involved, and follow the thief to it’s lair, where they attempt to reclaim their stolen items. It ends with what I hope is an illusion to a third book, with questions about the ruins on the outskirts of town.

If you’re interested in watching a trailer, click here and you can see some of the first pages of book 1 pieced together into a short animation (it doesn’t give away the surprise ending).