I Put A Spell on YouTitle: I Put a Spell on You
Author: Adam Selzer
ISBN: 9780385735049
Pages: 247 pages
Publisher/Date: Delacorte Press, c2008.

Dear Esteemed Members of the School Board:
You stink.
Seriously. You really, really stink.
People should have been fired the morning after the all-school spelling bee. It’s been a whole week now, and NOT ONE PERSON has been fired! No one has even been suspended!(1)

Sixth grader and would-be detective Chrissie Woodward has served as the principal’s student snitch for the entire year. But as the annual school spelling bee approaches, the principal actions are becoming questionable, and everyone is acting weird. Jennifer’s parents are convinced that Marianne Cleaver has the master word list, which will hurt her chances of following in her sister’s footsteps. Mutual, a former homeschooler, has convinced his parents that he has to join public school in order to participate. And Harlan, is anxious to participate, but not to win. And why are two old ladies so interested in the competitors?! Follow along in Adam Selzer’s I Put A Spell On You and see if you can help Chrissie find the answers.

Adam Selzer’s I Put a Spell On You is hillarious, and it has nothing to do with Scrabble, although that’s what’s on the cool cover. Chrissie has some definite attitude, and Selzer conveys it well in his writing. But each of the characters also have their own distinct voice, seperate from one another. And the reasons behind participating are also varried, which is important in my opinion. The little old ladies are a bit of mystery, and although there are more than a few coincidences to wrap it all together, they vary from the realistic to the absurd. The words chosen are a great brain tease, and will probably lead to looking up other absurd words. All in all, an enjoyable read.