Regardless of whether or not people read this blog (there are days when I wonder)…

You might notice a shift for the next six months from primarily children’s fiction to primarily young adult fiction, and relatively new fiction at that. This is because I have been appointed to an awards committee for new young adult book within my state’s Library Association. (YEAH ME!) The preliminary list contains about 150 books as of about two weeks ago. While I certainly am not required to read all of them (especially as the list gets bigger), I would feel remiss if I didn’t read a substantial quantity. They are assigning them to five groups of readers, so I’m only obligated to read one fifth of them. (WHEW!)

In any case, I’m quite excited about the opportunity. So don’t fear, there will still be children’s books on here, just maybe less of them while I read 2009 Young Adult publications.

**EDIT: I’ve decided (for my own sanity as well as yours) to add the tag “Committee Reads” to each book that I read off the list of books eligable for this year’s award.