Magic HalfTitle: The Magic Half
Author: Annie Barrows
ISBN: 9781599901329
Pages: 211 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books, c2008.

Miri began to feel dizzy. “I’m not a fairy, and nobody called me up. I was just sitting in my room–this room–and then it all switched, and I was here, and I don’t understand any of this. . .” She trailed off. (33)

Miri Gill is the middle child in her family of two sets of twins. Her family is something special because of that, but she’s just something extra. That is, until a small piece of glass in her new house transports her back in time to 1935. She meets a girl named Molly, who thinks Miri is a fairy that she called to help her escape from her evil aunt and cousins. Miri wishes she could help Molly, but gets accidently sent back to her own time. How can she help Molly when Miri is 70 years in the future.

This is a lighthearted tale of a girl on a search for what makes her special. She doesn’t feel special because she does not have a twin in a family of two sets of twins. The characters are only minimally developed, although somewhat relatable. The issue of time travel is well presented and explained. While the story should be memorable, the execution seems weak to me and the story dragged. It doesn’t help that the one sentence summary I read basically gave away the entire plot.