Isabel's Texas Two-StepTitle: Isabel’s Texas Two-Step
Author: Annie Bryant
ISBN: 9781416964230
Pages: 235 pages
Publisher/Date: Aladdin Mix, c2008.

“My reaction was the complete opposite. Texas! Whoa! Chickens. I could barely remember my uncle and aunt’s ranch, only that it was in the middle of nowhere, that the house was big and dark, and that there were cows… and a rooster. But, wow, what an adventure! “Yee-haw,” I yapped. Oops! I clapped my hands over my mouth.
Elena shot me a look. She was not happy with my enthusiasm. (12)

Isabel Martinez’s older sister Elena Maria is celebrating her quinceanera, or 15th birthday. Rather than doing it in their hometown of Detroit or their new town of Boston, the whole family is flying down to Texas. Isabel’s aunt, uncle, and three boy cousins live there on a ranch with an insane rooster and a skitish horse. While their house is amazing, Isabel’s cousin Ricardo keeps getting her in trouble and her sister is turning into quincezilla. When Ricardo and Isabel get stuck in a rainstorm overnight and the same storm cancels Isabel’s dad’s flight to Texas, trouble is just beginning.

Part of the Beacon Street Girl Series, Isabel’s Texas Two-Step is a light-hearted tale by Annie Bryant. I wasn’t really impressed by this book, maybe because I haven’t read any of the first books in the series. The dialogue seemed stilted as characters tried to present the history of Texas without being awkward, and failed. The same could be said regarding the Spanish words. A glossary is included, but terms were continually defined within the text. The girls are remeniscent though of the Baby-sitters Club about 10 years ago, with a diverse collection of girls who hang out together and have “special adventures” books on their individual life events. In this manner, girls will probably love the series.