Lost and FoundTitle: Lost and Found
Author: Andrew Clements
Narrator: Keith Nobbs
ISBN: 9780743572736
Discs: 3 CDs / 3 hours
Publisher/Date: Audioworks, c2008.

Jay said, “They think there’s only one of us. So only one of us has to go to school, and I’ve got it all planned out. It’s going to be great. We have to do this Ray, we have to. Don’t you see?”
Ray snorted. “All I see is a kid who’s completely insane. I mean sure, it might be fun and everything but you know we’d get caught, then what?”

Jay and Ray Grayson are identical twins who are just starting the sixth grade in a new town. Ray however, has to stay home sick for the first day of school. Jay attends alone, only find out that a clerical error means the school is expecting only one new boy. After loving a day of not being mistaken for his twin, he convinces his brother to alternate days of attendance with him. While they might look alike, the twins have their own personalities, and they discover that maintaining one identity to avoid discovery is just as difficult as maintaining their own seperate identities. As a father of identical twin boys, well-known author Andrew Clements brings his personal experience to his newest book, Lost and Found.

Another work by Andrew Clements, the father of Frindle, the Homework Machine, and No Talking. His dialogue and narration is similar to his other books, and with the same narrator as No Talking and the Brian Selznick as the cover artist, there’s a comfy familiarity with all his stories that kids keep coming back too. Clements gets it right, covering both the joys and troubles of having an identical twin. Readers become sympathetic to the lives of Ray and Jay, and will hopefully think twice when encountering twins in their own lives. Although Clements isn’t known for producing sequels, I’d love to see Ray and Jay at school together, as opposed to leaving it open-ended. But after spending all that time trying to differentiate the two, it’s refreshing that Clements doesn’t allow readers a side by side comparision of the twins in the same environment.

Readers who like this book obviously have several popular twin series, like Mary Kate and Ashley, the Sweet Valley twins and the Bobbsy twins. However, they also might migrate to Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Patterson, The Counterfeit Tackle by Matt Christopher, and the graphic novel Cipher by Minako Narita. Twins switching places is popular in fiction, and can also be found in two of Shakespeare’s plays, Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night.