diary-of-a-fairy-godmother Title: Diary of a Fairy Godmother
Author: Esme Raji Codell
ISBN: 0307245403
Discs: 3 discs / 3 hours 26 minutes
Publisher/Date: Listening Library, c2005.
Narrator: Rachel Lillis

“You’ll excuse me for saying so, but I never would have guessed you were a fairy godmother from your uniform.”
“I am not a fairy godmother.” I glowered, shaking my hands to get rid of the needles that seemed to be prickling from the inside. “I am a witch.”
She shrugged. “Sorry.” And went back to jostling the baby in her arms. …
“I am a witch, I said to myself as I fled the hall. I am a witch. I am a witch. (32)

Hunky Dory has heard all her life from her mother that “You’ll be the wickedest witch wherever the four winds blow.” Hunky has been taking lessons for years, getting extra credit for talking back and learning how to turn princes into toads and other animals. But Hunky hasn’t seemed to be very interested in witchcraft lately. Instead, she’s turned to wishcraft, which gets her kicked out of school and her house. While she experiments with both wishcraft and witchcraft, trying to determine which one she likes best, she deals with her crush on Rumplestiltskin, a pint-sized Goldilocks who considers Hunky her sister, and a pesky pen-pal named Cinderella.

Esme Raji Codell weaves her spell on readers with this fractured fairy-tale from the fairy’s point of view in Diary of a Fairy Godmother. It’s also available as a audiobook on CD, which is very-well narrated by Rachael Lillis. This huge cast of characters each had their own distinct voice, identifible almost immediately without introduction. The only thing that got annoying with the audiobook (and probably with the print version too) is when some of the characters randomly broke out into song. For instance:
You’re a know it all!
It’s a shame that such a sweet little girl should grow
Into an aleck that is smart.
But please, Hunky, have a heart,
And leave a little bit for the rest of us slobs to know.

However, the names of the characters are amusing, with the witches named Twisted Ankle and Frantic Search and a fairy godmother named Lemon Droppings. Who can’t fall in love with a character named Hunky Dory? Probably a good recommendation for anyone who likes Ella Enchanted or who read at an earlier age the Rainbow fairy series that is so popular now. Included at the very end of the book (but not the audiobook) is a list of recommended reading, including items as varied as Harry Potter and I am Morgan Le Fay to Half-Magic and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.