sword-thief-39-cluesTitle: The Sword Thief
Author: Peter Lerangis
ISBN: 9780545090599
Pages: 156 pages
Publisher/Date: Scholastic Inc., c2009.

“The two strangers were wrapped in full-length black trench coats with collars obscuring their faces. One of them wore expensive black dress shoes; the other, jewel-encrusted sneakers. …
An airline official shouted at them, too, sprinting to head them off. The two politely stopped and handed over their boarding passes. He examined the passes quickly, nodded, and pulled back the barrier. ‘Enjoy your flight, Amy and Dan,’ he said. …
‘Sayonara, suckers!’ sang Ian and Natalie Kabra.” (8)

The third book in the 39 Clues series, written by Peter Lerangis, begins with a scheduled flight to Japan for Dan and Amy Cahill, their au paire Nellie, and their Egyptian mau cat. However, a run-in with their cousins, the Kabras, makes the Cahill siblings miss their flight, with Nellie sitting next to the Kabras! Dan and Amy are picked up by their uncle Allistair and taken to Japan, where all three teams are forced to make an alliance to get to the next clue. An explosion underground results in one of them dying — or does it?

This is probably going to be the last book I read of this series. I’m just not enjoying it very much. The characters are not being developed and I’m not forming an attachment with anyone. The author this time around, Peter Lerangis, tried to add some dynamic qualities to Amy and Dan, and instead I feel made them act totally out of character. The clues are solved way too quickly, even if the Amy spent a lot of time in the library. Who else would know all these obscure references to places and words in foreign languages? Obviously a hunt through history for an unspecified treasure is unrealistic by nature, but it’s just getting annoying how easily the clues get wrapped up in the end. Is anyone else feeling this way, or am I just spoiled and picky because I work at a library?