moxy-maxwell-does-not-love-stuart-littleTitle: Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little
Author: Peggy Gifford
ISBN: 9780375839153
Pages: 92 pages
Publisher/Date: Schwartz & Wade Books, c2007.

“Moxy was going places all right. She was going to her room. And she was going to stay there until she read every word of Stuart Little. Mr. Flamingo, who was going to be Moxy’s fourth-grade teacher this fall, had assigned the book for summer reading. They were going to have a quiz on it too–on the very first day of school. And tomorrow was the very first day of school.”

Moxy Maxwell is a precocious nine year old who likes to read, just not what she’s told to read. As she tells her mother, she’s just been waiting for the perfect time to read the book. Her summer’s been busy, with trying to train her dog to come when called, and practicing for her part in the water-ballet. But Moxy’s mother isn’t buying that excuse, and tells Moxy that she will have to miss the water ballet if Stuart Little isn’t finished by six o’clock. Will Moxy be able to finish the book in time to participate in the water ballet, or will a flooded dahlia garden water down her chances?

The very short chapters with descriptive chapter titles will be a big draw to kids who hate reading. For instance, chapter 34 is called “In which the Screen Door Slams and Dum…de dum-dum…” and contains only this sentence; “Moxy heard the screen door slam and suddenly Ajax was standing there.” (70) The book contains pictures of the events scattered throughout of the days events, from muddy dogs to swim suit still-lifes and more abstract photos. I can definitely see kids being inspired to take their own photos. Moxy’s attitude towards life is undescribable, with a optimism that is infectous. She is waiting for just the right inbetween time to begin reading Stuart Little, which sounds so familiar from other reluctant readers. We’re booktalking this for our summer reading program, and I’m very excited for this book because it sounds perfect for those disenchanted readers.