One False NoteTitle: One False Note
Author: Gordon Korman
ISBN: 9780545090605
Pages: 174 pages
Publisher/Date: Scholastic Inc., c2008.

“Amy was close to tears. ‘I hate them! Now we’ve lost our only lead!’
‘It wasn’t much of a lead, Amy,” Dan said softly. ‘Just music. Even if it was by Mozart –big whoop.’
‘It is a big whoop,’ his sister lamented. ‘Just because we couldn’t find what was hidden in the piece doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. At least I wanted to play the notes on a piano. Maybe it would have told us something.’
Her brother looked surprised. ‘You want the notes? That’s easy enough.'” (15)

Fourteen year old Amy and eleven year old Dan Cahill, along with their au pair Nellie Gomez and their Egyptian Mau cat are on the trail again, this time tracking specifics about Mozart and his lesser known sister. From Austria to Venice, the sibling sleuths have to again outsmart the other teams who are just as determined to beat them to the next clue. Be prepared for jumping out of windows, boat chases, an ongoing hunger strike, and very angry monks when you read the next installment in the 39 Clues series. Gordon Korman picks up the story in this action packed sequel.

While I’m still a fan of the series, I wish they would go into a little more detail as to how the rest of the teams keep figuring out where the Cahills are going. If Amy and Dan keep getting all the clues, how does everyone else know where to go? They discuss it a little bit in the story, but it really doesn’t explain everyone. Also, secret passageways seem to exist overabundantly in this story line. Maybe one or two in an old building, but there’s one in this story that rings unrealistically. Overall though, the word games are highly well thought out, and attention grabbing. It’s a fun read, plus it’s apparent now that the titles are giving clues of where they’re heading next.
But seriously, how are they going to fit the next 37 clues in 8 books? Seriously?!