No TalkingTitle: No Talking
Author: Andrew Clements
Narrator: Keith Nobbs
ISBN: 9781428154216
Discs: 3 CDs/ 3 hours
Produced: Recorded Books, LLC. c2007

The fifth graders at Laketon Elementary are loud, obnoxious, and talkative. They are so loud, that they get their own lunch time, which is monitored by the principal and her red plastic bullhorn. That’s not their only problem though. The boys and the girls in the fifth grade class can’t stand one another. So when Dave Parker challenges Lyndsey Burgess to stay quiet for two whole days, it quickly becomes a war of boys versus girls. The teachers don’t know about the war however, and they are very suspicious that the class that never stopped talking, now refuses to talk. Humming through choir practice and having three word debates in class might be amusing to some, but it’s downright irritating to most. What happens when the principal orders the students to begin talking again, or else? Read No Talking by Andrew Clements to find out if students really do have “the right to remain silent.”

After scrolling through the author’s website, I think this might be the first Andrew Clements book I’ve read, and I didn’t even read it! All the book copies were checked out, so I borrowed it on CD, and it was extremely funny. I thought the situations in this book were highly realistic, especially the teachers’ and principal’s reactions to the sudden quiet. I can understand the appeal of this author, who it’s my understanding does lots of school stories. People who liked this story might graduate to the Girls vs. Boys serious by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

This book was one of the selections for book parade 2010 at my library. Book Parade is a six week reading incentive program held in conjunction with the area schools. Kids in 4-5th grades read as many books from a pre-selected list as possible and answer questions on the book to judge their reading comprehension.