The Thing About GeorgieTitle: The Thing About Georgie
Author: Lisa Graff
ISBN: 9780060875916
Pages: 220 pages
Publisher/Date: HarperTrophy, c2006.

“Georgie decided that if his parents were going to go do something stupid like have another kid, a kid who would probably end up as huge as Godzilla, he definitely was not going to spend his hard-earned dog-walking money to buy them a Christmas present. They were going to have to settle for a nice poem under the tree this year.” (45)

Georgie Bishop is the shortest fourth grader in the entire school. He needs a stool to reach the chalk board, a pillow to support his back on his oversized desk, and is forced to walk the smaller dogs (Poodles!) in his dog walking business with his friend because he can’t handle the bigger ones. But that’s not the only thing about Georgie. He’s annoyed constantly by Jeanie the Meanie, who not only sits behind him in class, but also has to work with her on their class project. His friend Andy might be moving, and oh yeah, Georgie’s mom is having another baby, who will probably be taller than Georgie. What’s a kid to do?

Some of the chapters have introductions geared to the reader that get a little hockie at times, but I’ll admit they are nice to get a feel as to othe challenges Georgie must face as the shortest kid. Georgie however doesn’t like to dwell on his problems, which is refreshing angle rather than the “woah is me” outlook some might expect in these stories. The imagery, especially for one of the final scenes in the school play, is detailed and in depth, and paints a beautiful picture that you can really see. Expect an after school special ending, but it’s a nice read overall.